High Performance

Capable of handling any of today’s high performance automotive applications

Built out of premium materials for high-heat and high-stress applications, Senior Aftermarket’s high performance flex range is capable of handling any of today’s high performance automotive applications.

Flexible connectors for turbo wastegates and not just exhaust systems, our products are THE choice for the performance exhaust manufacturer.

All common sizes covered with 90mm (3.5”) now added to the range.

All components are made from industry-grade 304 Stainless steel with an Interlock liner as standard. Some items have engineered braid to allow the component to absorb further displacement energy.

One of our parts can be found on the Lotus Evora series of premium sport cars.

Senior also has a range of high performance clamping products including the spherical clamp that is trusted by Aston Martin on their range of supercars.

For more information please click on the links to Aftermarket Clamps or Premium Flex Connectors.