Passenger Car

OE innovations transferred to the Aftermarket

Rather than concentrating on a range of direct fit flex connectors for the Aftermarket, Senior has created a range whereby every size connotation is covered.

Senior’s OE involvement ensures the innovations of the OE component transfers into the design and specification of the Aftermarket range ensuring leading edge design, optimal performance and durability.

The matrix of sizes starts at 38mm (1.5”) all the way to 127mm (5”) Internal diameter including all standard exhaust tube sizes in between. Our product lengths are 100mm 4” (some 70mm 3”) and increase in 25mm (1”) increments to 300mm 12”. All these sizes are available in standard bellows, inner braid and Interlock liner specification (majority of items in stock, some low demand items are subject to special order).

For more information click on the link to Flexible Connectors