Flexible Connectors

Engineered solutions for a myriad of applications

The flexible connector is our core product and we have developed a comprehensive range with a product to fit any application in any market.


Base Flex Connectors

These are around 80% of our product range and are the standard product for the passenger car aftermarket. 304 stainless steel bellows, braid and optional liner and aluminised end caps to maintain a cost advantage without compromising quality.
Sizes range 38mm (1.5”) – 76mm (3”) internal diameter – lengths from 70mm (2.75”) to 280mm (11”)

High Performance & Tuned Flex Connectors

Our mid-range products designed for the high performance market. All 304 stainless steel construction, Interlock lined for optimal strength, durability and thermal management. A small number of these connectors have been engineered to achieve superior decoupling results whilst maintaining minimal space within the exhaust system.

Premium Flex Connectors

Our new range of state-of-the-art connectors. ‘Soft’ hydroformed bellow, premium OE grade materials for thermal management and corrosion resistance, external mesh covering and developed interlock and inner braid linings.

Large ID Flex Connectors

Senior has developed a range of large ID connectors to suit any heavy duty application in the market. 62.5 (2.5”) up to 127mm (5”) internal diameter with select lengths from 105mm (4”) to 300mm (12”) These products are the choice for your commercial vehicle or off-highway application.

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