A full range of products for all your applications

  • Aftermarket Clamps

    Our range of passenger car clamps features pipe-connectors, Audi clamps etc Truck Clamps

  • Bellows

    Our growing range of bellows products

  • Catalysts and DPF

    We now stock a range of Universal Sports Cats

  • Flexible Connectors

    Engineered solutions for a myriad of applications

  • Industrial Components

    Stainless steel assemblies that can be used for the absorption of movement, vibrations and misalignment.

  • Interlock Hoses

    A range of Interlock and corrugated (mechanically formed) hose products

  • Premium Exhaust Flexes

    Supersoft Flatline Technology

  • Tube End Repair Flex

    A wide range of flexible connectors with integral pipe ends to replace the broken flex in the existing Catalyst assembly